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Basil and horseradish salad toast

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This is a very original recipe if I say so myself. The idea is to get toast or biscottes and to eat this strong flavoured “salad” – if that is what you call it – spooning it over mouthful by mouthful.


A frilly cabbage – I was using the leftover chinese cabbage from the last recipe, but there are more common cabbages which aren’t the rock solid ball-shaped ones. You can use those too, but you’ll have to chop them finer.

Pesto or fresh basil

Horseradish (what you’re most likely to be able to find in the shops is horseradish sauce – look for a strong-flavoured one)

Biscottes or toast to serve.


Chop the cabbage finely –  the sort of fineness where you can concieve of spooning it over your toast – and mix in spoonfuls of pesto and horseradish. Keep on tasting until you have a nice balance of the two flavours and they both come through strongly.

Enjoy! Have some black olives on the side, if you like.

Check out Andrew’s other site, Lightworkers‘ Connection, if you consider yourself to be a highly conscious individual. You know there is more to life than meets the eye. You are not alone.


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January 1, 2010 at 10:15 pm

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