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Hi guys, so Spiritual Vegan has been going through some changes.

It’s not really working to do this as a two person job as Christian and I have different rhythms and needs, so I’ll be comandeering this site and doing it my way – which is a much more flowy sort of style, I’m afraid I’m no good at exact measures, but I hope I can create inspiration for already decent cooks who know how to create a meal without working with measures all the time.

I’m also slimlining this site and taking down the spanish translations for now, at least as a regular thing – couldn’t hurt to do a spanish recipe from time to time, but it’s just too much effort to translate every little thing I write and The Spiritual Vegan, while a beloved child to me, can’t be the priority for me at this time in my life. I do have visions of expansion for this site – going into all topics of conscious eating, healthy eating, and veganism – but this will happen gradually I think. For now my priority is becoming a high-profile blogger with my site about finding truth, Remap Your Reality.

I do think conscious eating is a very important topic to write about, though, and lots of people are looking for it! I won’t forget you, I promise!

If you like, I’d love some feedback into what sort of things about conscious eating you’d like to hear about (comment and choose a few or make your own suggestions):

*How to become vegan

*Why become vegan

*How to reduce meat and animal products gradually

*But isn’t it unhealthy? My viewpoints on that

*Big picture stuff about the evolution of eating and nutrition – from vegan to raw foodist to… where?

*Freaky metaphysical stuff about living off light (I’m working on this personally this year)

*How to express love through food

*Remembering the sacredness of food,.. food spirituality


OK guys… lots of love, we’ll talk soon. We are connected.


Check out Andrew’s other site, Lightworkers‘ Connection, if you consider yourself to be a highly conscious individual. You know there is more to life than meets the eye. You are not alone.


Written by Princess

January 1, 2010 at 11:30 am

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