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I offer free coaching to help you transition to a vegetarian, vegan or simply more healthy diet.

I have experience with all sorts of nutritional theories, including 6 months on the raw food diet 8 months and counting, and I combine this with a strong intuition and sensitivity to find a system which works very well for me. It may not be exactly what you need, but I can work with you to help you work out your own system. I encourage you always to think for yourself and decide on your own criteria — a philosophy which I write about in my full-time blog, Lightworkers’ Connection.

This all started when I wrote three articles about how to go vegan on this site. Previously it was a simple blog where I posted up recipes. With these articles done, I felt a huge feeling of satisfaction and a surge of motivation to help people make a change to a vegan diet.

Once upon a time my own life was changed forever by just one article by Steve Pavlina about veganism, in the right place at the right time. It was so easy for him to change my life, just by being there. So I want to be here for you, now.

I eat very healthily nowadays. I don’t have any additives in my food, I keep things unprocessed and often raw, and I generally feel great because of what I eat. I think I can help you, too, if you just want to make a general improvement. Just give me a run down of what you eat and what your situation is and I can point out what I think you can do to make a significant improvement – for you. I won’t go around telling you that cooked food is poison when you’re still struggling to give up Burger King. It’s all about where you are right now and what you feel you’re capable of. I think I’m a gentle person, I’ll try to get you feel good about where you are and the advancements you’re making.

I’ll also try and see if your lifestyle is good – sometimes we’re doing OK with food and would do better to start meditating or running. I’m intuitive – not vastly so but I feel like I’m good at feeling where the core issue is in many matters – and I’ll try to work out a solution with you.

The diet coaching consists of email correspondence and calls on skype (or over the phone if you find skype difficult). I’ll ask you for a run down of your current situation and will work fluidly on helping you work out what your next step is and how to get there.

I offer for a short period of time my diet coaching for free. I do this because my primary motivation is to help people. I will start charging people and get to earning my financial independence when I find myself with too much demand to be able to keep up with everyone who wants to work with me on their diet.

In return, I ask for a real commitment to getting the most out of our relationship, and it’d be nice to get some testimonials, too. Finally if you are really grateful for my help I happily accept donations – but strictly voluntary donations, they are not  expected or required in any way – after you’ve found the results you want to have.

If you want to get started, you can find me at thespiritualvegan AT gmail DOT com.

To your heart and your health,


Every day a different vibration flows through me.

A light of a different world.

A light on a different life.

Life sings

And I write

Hoping to crystallise a light.

Bright –

Like a spirit.

Or deep and dark and moody

All flowing from within.

The rhythm slows and hardens

Or quickens and takes flight

A ripple on a pool of glass

The crystal of a light.

I have this idea to write a different poem and draw a different picture to go with it every day for 100 days. Then I’ll publish the book on my site What do you think, does this one resonate with you?



Written by Princess

January 24, 2010 at 11:49 pm

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