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Raw Birthday Cake

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Me and my friends made a raw cake for Tiago’s birthday. Everyone loved it.

Raw Vegan Birthday Cake with pears, dates, and hazelnuts

Raw Vegan Birthday Cake with pears, dates, and hazelnuts

This raw vegan birthday cake was very easy to make, though a little time consuming. First we grabbed a bowl which would make a good mould for the cake – not too big unless you want to spend hours preparing dates. Then we filled it with alternate layers of dates, sliced pears, and  chopped hazelnuts.

We pitted the dates and then chopped them into rough cubes about 1/2 cm to a side. We ended up needing about 1 KG of dates for this cake.

The hazelnuts we smashed up in a coffee grinder until they were broken up but not quite flour – still crunchy and nice to bite into.

We sliced the pears quite thinly and arranged them so that they fitted together nicely in their layers. We also added a generous squeeze of lime juice so the pears wouldn’t oxidize (go brown) and also mint leaves and chopped lime zest.

We pressed the whole thing down well and when the bowl was full, we just turned it over and gave it a tap – it came out perfectly.

Finally, we adorned the birthday cake with raw walnut halves and mint leaves. Yum 🙂

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Written by Princess

August 16, 2010 at 2:02 pm